Promotional Products

We Build Brand Journeys

Today, one-to-one marketing is possible to a degree unheard of just a few years ago. Ethnic Online’s data-driven marketing leverages both online and offline customer touches, driving the highest adoption and conversion rates.


Ethnic Online Marketing helps brands achieve their desired results with their target audience using branded merchandise and apparel programs, enabled by sales/marketing automation. Organizations turn to us when they want to:

Branded Merchandise and Corporate promotions

Strategic Process

When we ask the right questions to understand the client’s desired results, we can help them achieve better outcomes! Branded merchandise and apparel are marketable assets and our philosophy is simple; If we give you what you ask for, it’s just another item with a logo in it, but if we ask questions and understand the desired result, it becomes a brand journey and produces a better outcome.

Decorate on Demand

Decorate On-Demand makes it easy to change or expand catalogs to include exciting new items, all without taking on the risks of volume production and inventory. With Ethnic Online, clients have the ability to make product changes seasonally, adjust products quickly, curate featured information, products or services and adjust for new campaigns.

Expert Advice, Flawless Execution & Rigorous Brand Protection

As one of America’s top providers of promotions, Ethnic Online gives you a partnership you can trust to deliver beautiful results, on time. Ethnic Online matches your promotional needs with choices from today’s incredible breadth of products and offers. Keeping true to your brand and your economics requires balance. We provide comprehensive design services and execution capabilities from not only the U.S., but also from around the world. You can count on a brand-faithful execution that is flawlessly distributed and can be tracked through all marketing channels in real-time.

What makes Ethnic Online better? Our experts will analyze and study your marketplace, competitors, and customers to develop promotional strategies for your company that will deliver measurably better results. We work with you to understand your goals and objectives and develop promotional solutions that take your brand to the next level.


Enjoy more control over your marketing communications than ever. MarketingBench (TM) customizes, distributes, and manages marketing assets for every type of distribution channel. We brand the system according to your standards and institute your business rules