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Whatever your health plan needs may be, our suite of solutions will help you reach and surpass your goals. Do you need a streamlined production process? Are you looking for in-depth insights? Consistency in your data management? Or maybe you need them all. Ethnic Online Marketing Healthcare Solutions Group will help you customize a set of tools that will meet today’s needs and also set you up for a more effective future. We’re here to help you think bigger, so no matter the size of your health plan you’re able to think and act like a Fortune 500 company.

Healthcare Document Templates


Designed to take the pressure off of your health plan marketing and compliance staff, Ethnic Online Marketing Healthcare Solutions Group provides your team with a total turn-key solution for all of your document creation. We can scale a solution that makes it easy to keep up with regulatory changes to templates no matter the size of your company. That’s why our communication management software system allows you to customize it for whatever your needs or compliance changes may be. And to make things even more efficient, Ethnic Online Connect creates an online library of documents so you’re able to easily retrieve information for CMS submissions, audits or customer service inquiries.

The Document is the Document Implemented.

We Like to Keep Things Simple.

Nothing is more frustrating than going through the approval process only to find out the updated version of the document didn’t make it to production or a critical piece of data is missing. We get it. With our data management and integration processes, you can count on a quality assurance that the document approved will always be the document implemented. We thrive on consistency, and we can easily demonstrate it to your team so you can see the fail-proof process first-hand. And the best part? You maintain all the necessary controls. In real-time

Database Programming

Data lives in every corner of your organization. Our team of database programmers can create custom database architecture to integrate and support everything from pre-programmed mailings to a one-time campaign. Our flexible approach extends beyond the standard, every-day data merge capability and instead creates a highly optimized omnichannel platform that drives today’s highly technical, data-driven messages.

Data Cleansing and Normalization

Data cleansing and validation ensure the business rules and logic patterns provide the intended outcome. Scanning the data upon intake allows us to quickly and efficiently eliminate redundancies and address inconsistencies.

It’s ingrained in who we are and what we do for health plans like yours every day.

Data Processing and File Management

Business rules and logic are applied to the data values to allow segment messaging as you need it. These values could be used for a multitude of outcomes — from suppression and segmentation to message channels,
even including document generation for print or e-delivery.
*As allowed by regulation.

Quality Assurance of Data

Complicated data calls for live process reporting. Ours includes both email alerts and our proprietary Insight 360 reporting dashboard. This dynamic duo results in real-time information on the production process exactly as it unfolds. This allows our production team — and you and your team — to make proactive decisions.

Direct Mail Tracking

There are plenty of metrics by which you can judge the success of your direct mail campaign, but many of them aren’t useful and can provide misleading information. Our approach to direct mail reporting provides valuable campaign insights right down to the piece level. Armed with this you can make intelligent, savvy decisions

We Can Handle All Your Production and Distribution Needs. Why? To Make Your Life Easier

When you need a partner that can quickly scale their operations to meet the ebb and flow of your health plan communications, Ethnic Online Marketing Healthcare Solutions Group is here to answer the call. Quite simply, we do it all. From complex multi-page EOB’s, monthly invoices, transition notices, and simple single-page letters and everything in-between. We provide kitting, fulfillment, and distribution, we’ve got you covered. Because we have such an extensive network with the state-of-the-art equipment and the highest quality products that can be highly specialized to fit your needs, hitting 24-hour turn-around times for compliance mailings and staggering mailings when necessary to keep your call center from being overwhelmed. Mailings will never be something you have to worry about. Now, you’re probably thinking this must be way over budget. We offer the best in class pricing, and you’ll only have to deal with one point of contact. Too good to be true? Not with our team in your corner.

An Account Leadership Team You Can Hold Accountable

Ethnic Online Marketing Healthcare Solutions Group account leadership has a wealth of knowledge within the health plan industry because they are active within the health plan industry. They have extensive experience leading and developing plan materials, so you can trust you’re gaining a partner who cares and understands your business. The account leadership has even helped influence some of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) regulation. They stay up-to-date on industry knowledge and regulatory acumen by monitoring changes and trends in the business and conference attendance. Say “hi” next time we’re at an event together.

Better Business Outcomes Backed by Data Science

Data is the health care currency of the future. You need it to keep up with the ever-evolving landscape of this business. Our highly specialized analytics teams are here to help you accelerate your decision-making. Our approach is to start at the top-level of the company, working with C-Suite to create an effective tactical plan. Then, we work with you to decide which tools work best for your company. Our team has developed the Tactical Framework for Analytics Delivery and Management: a holistic approach for optimizing ROI from all analytics initiatives.

Advance Your Analytics Culture

This holistic framework advances the analytics culture through enhanced agile development processes, skills and culture assessments, and processes that define track, and measure ROI across all analytics initiatives.

Create a Big Data Analytics Platform

We have the operational expertise to help you design, select, and implement an Analytic Platform complete with Big Data capabilities, cloud computing infrastructure, and Data Science solutions.

Deliver Analytics Value

We offer seasoned strategic consultants, platform architects, data engineers, and data scientists through on-demand flex support engagements with the skills to develop strategic use case roadmaps and deliver analytics ROI through reporting, automation, and data science engagements.
Self-audits also come into play and review any underlying issues to help you optimize the outcomes for your health plan. We teach your internal team “how” to implement these tools in the right way, step-by-step, and how to be productive today instead of by trial and error.
We’ll share the industry best practices to allow small plans to think, learn, and grow like larger plans. And to allow larger plans to keep running smoothly and efficiently. We’ll regularly make recommendations throughout the lifecycle of the relationship, so you’ll always have peace of mind that you’re constantly implementing better outcomes.


Ethnic On-Line Insight 360 Reporting Offers Real-time, Secured Access at the Record Level. Yes, You Read that Right.

With Ethnic Online Insight 360 you can access your document metadata anytime and anywhere you want. It’s your data, so you shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to get to it. Our reporting platform performs data ingestion and integration across all sources and types of data – whether batch or streaming, internal or external, structured or unstructured – it provides always-on, always-updating member information and communication with a key golden record for each member. And did we mention, all in real-time. You’ll also have an almost unlimited bandwidth to take in all the data sources at your disposal which helps you solve complex and very difficult data challenges.
The way you experience all of these will always be customized to your team’s specifications and preferences. You’re able to add detailed business rules to handle and manage invalid data points and isolate any issues. In the past, this used to cause total shutdowns and missed deadlines, but with our Insight 360, errors are found quickly and teed up for resolution on your schedule. And the incident tracking provides necessary details in order to remedy the issue in the most efficient way possible. This member process ensures compliance and makes it continuously available to the entire organization in real-time with near-zero latency. The Ethnic Online Insight 360 interface is easy to use and can be securely accessed by your staff members. Our account managers are available to you whenever you need help and can assist with your inventory so there’s no waste and/or shortages
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