Ethnic GEM's Spotlight

Ethnic GEM: Kenneth Holmes

    Kenneth Holmes recently joined UNH as the senior vice provost for student life. He comes to us from Howard University where he was vice president for student affairs. As he settled into campus and the first weeks of

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Ethnic GEM: Lacee Satcher

  Boston College Assistant Professor of Sociology and Environmental Studies Lacee Satcher has received the American Sociological Association Dissertation Award for “(Un)Just Deserts: Examining the Consequences of Economic, Social, and Environmental Disinvestment in the Urban South.” Satcher’s dissertation focused on

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Ethnic GEM: Mark Brevard

 Mr. Brevard is a graduate from The University of Connecticut. He was employed by Xerox Corporation in New York City, where he worked for 18 years. During this time frame he advanced in many positions within the company’s marketing division.

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