Ethnic GEM in the MAKING: Aiyana Ward



This Ethnic GEM in the Making was born and raised in Waterbury, CT and determined to make her mark on this stage we call the WORLD.

Aiyana was motivated to pursue a biology degree for her undergraduate education because at a young age she always loved science and aspired to have a career in the medical field. 

Armed and equipped with a GPA of 3.6 from Eastern Connecticut State University, Aiyana has already demonstrated her aptitude for learning and excelling.

This student athlete has proven that she is balanced in her life choices, as she was Captain her collegiate Women’s Basketball and Women’s Lacrosse teams and managed to be a member of the Eastern Connecticut State University Honors Program. 

I asked Aiyana who some of my mentors were and without hesitation and with pride she mentioned her mom (Dany Ward), her childhood basketball coach and longtime friend, Margaret Bowen, and her mentor whom I currently work under, Kathleen McAvoy. 

Aiyana proudly shared that in five years, “I see myself with a master’s degree and probably in pursuit of another degree. I hope to have a permanent job that allows me to travel and still enjoy life. Most importantly I see myself doing whatever makes me happy”

Keep your eyes open for this Ethnic GEM in the Making, Aiyana Ward.



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